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Nikoodel- October 12, Day of Hafez.

Published On Monday 12 October 2015

Nikoodel- October 12, Day of Hafez.

Hafez was born in Shiraz, Iran. Modern scholars generally agree that Hafez was born either in 1315 or 1317.

Hafez is one of the most popular poet in Iran and his works can be found in almost every Iranian home. October 12 is celebrated as Hafez day in Iran.

Many Iranians use Divan of Hafez for fortune telling. Iranian families usually have a Divan of  Hafez in their house and when they get together during the Nowruz or Yalda holidays, they open the Divan to a random page and read the poem on it, which they believe to be an indication of things that will happen in the future.

Graphic Designer: Maryam Akbarzadeh